Zao Kitsune Mura – Fox village

Zao Kitsune Mura – Fox village


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Zao Kitsune Mura – a unique place in the northern region of the island of Honshu, in the mountains of Miyagi Prefecture. Its extensive grounds with a private sanctuary contains over a hundred different species of foxes.

Zao Kitsune Mura - Fox village

In total, live in the park are six kinds of foxes, including the Japanese red fox, gray fox, black-brown fox, and others.
Essentially, fox village is a mini zoo with free-range animals. Visitors to the park can not only fearlessly move around the territory, but also to feed the charming foxes, observing certain precautions.

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Despite the fact that the inhabitants of the park is almost tame and not afraid of people, yet it is worth remembering that this is not domestic animals and close contact with them is not safe. The rules of communication are: do not feed the animals with hands, iron, approach the sleeping animals or disturb them.

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Fox village was opened to visitors in 1990. To get to the magical kingdom of reddish-brown can be for a modest 100 yen, which is less than $1.

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At the zoo has its own little sanctuary of the Japanese goddess Inari, the patroness of the industry, everyday abundance, rice and foxes.

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In Japanese mythology, Kitsune (fox Japanese name) – messengers and faithful companions of the goddess Inari.

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Kitsune (Jap “fox.”) – In Japanese folklore endowed with awesome magical powers and wisdom. One of the most striking abilities kitsune – the ability to take human form: a pretty girl, seductive beauty, rarely men.
In Japanese mythology the image of kitsune is not unique, that is connected with a mix of traditional Japanese and Chinese beliefs. On the one hand are the messengers of the Japanese kitsune goddess Inari, on the other – there is a close to the old demons (yokai). Therefore, two types of kitsune: mёbu or divine foxes and nogitsune – Field or wild foxes.
Mythological kitsune can have multiple tails from one to nine. The more tails, the older and wiser kitsune, for example, Nine kitsune possesses infinite power of discernment.
Among other magical abilities kitsune: the ability to breathe fire, to bend space and time, gives the wrong body, the ability to create sophisticated, virtually indistinguishable from the illusion of reality, the ability to make the most incredible forms, for example, unrealistic high tree or a second moon in the sky.

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