Unusual Sculptures From Around the World. Part 2.

Unusual Sculptures From Around the World. Part 2.


Unusual Sculptures From Around the World. Part 2.

The second part of our fascinating story about the most amazing sculptures from around the world.

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1. Knotted gun (New York, United States).

Knotted gun (New York, United States).

Sculpture «Non-Violence» was created by Swedish author Carl Frederick Reytersvardom in memory of the murder of John Lennon. Sculpture is an enlarged bronze copy of a revolver Colt Python 357. Magnum with a twisted barrel. Such “tied” Guns are located in other cities of the world: Beijing, Stockholm, Gothenburg, Berlin, Lausanne and others.

2. Les Voyageurs (Marseille, France).

Les Voyageurs (Marseille, France).

A series of unusual “ghost” bronze sculpture of French author Bruno Catalano «Les Voyageurs» decorates a street and promenade Marcel. The figures depict dissimilar people of different incomes, origin and profession, which are combined with each other just the same suitcase and emptiness in the body. The meaning of his work, the author does not reveal which leaves us plenty of room for thought on this subject.

Les Voyageurs (Marseille, France).

3. The Unknown Official (Reykjavik, Iceland).

Les Voyageurs (Marseille, France).

In many countries, there are monuments «Unknown Soldier», but still no peace in one country, we have not seen the monument «The Unknown Official». Only in Iceland we decided to think about the hard, thankless and anonymous work of thousands of employees of the bureaucratic apparatus of the state. The sculpture was created in 1994 by Magnus Tomasson.

4. The Rundle Mall Pigs (Adelaide, Australia).

The Rundle Mall Pigs (Adelaide, Australia).

Four bronze life-size pig is one of the main attractions of the main shopping streets of the city of Adelaide – Rundle Mall. Each of the pigs has its own name: Truffle, August, Horatio and Oliver.

5. Truth is Beauty (US).

Truth is Beauty (US).

Sculpture «Truth is Beauty» – a symbol of the fight against violence against women. The sculpture was created by the artist Marco Cochran in 2013 and presented to the public at the annual festival «Burning Man» in Nevada, USA. Made of steel rods and covered with a stainless wire mesh, performing the role of “skin”. «Truth is Beauty» not one of a kind work of art: it is part of a whole line of these female sculptures that are part of «Bliss» project. The goal of the project is to draw public attention to the problems of violence and humiliation of human rights and freedoms of women.

Truth is Beauty (US).

6. Vanishing sculpture.

Vanishing sculpture.

Julian Voss-Andreae creates spectacular disappearing sculpture at the junction of art and the latest technologies. To produce a sculpture author invented a technique using a special series of laminated steel sheets that constitute the human image. If you come to the carved image of the back or the front, then you will be presented even if it looks unusual, but still quite mundane sculpture, similar to some human-like alien. But we need only change their location a few steps away and the figure will start to disappear! «The reality is – it’s not something that existed, exists and will exist independently of us. The concept of reality can not be separated from its observer», – commented on the meaning of his work, Julian.

7. Man Hanging Out (Prague, Czech Republic).

Man Hanging Out (Prague, Czech Republic).

Man Hanging Out on a street in Prague can cause heart eknut accidental tourist: maybe there hung a living person? In 1997, the figure produced a shocking Czech sculptor David Cerny. Until now, the meaning of this work of art is the subject of heated debate. Definitely we only know that for the beam is kept … Sigmund Freud! According to one version, the famous scientist was hanging over the abyss “unconscious” and further study of this area can result in a very tragic for him. Another version says that the sculpture is a symbol of the isolation of the intelligentsia from the common people. Some do not believe the author of the work and say that a beam suspended not Freud and Lenin, while the sculpture becomes a mockery of ideas of the ideal communist society.

8. Man At Work (Bratislava, Slovakia).

Man At Work (Bratislava, Slovakia).

“Man at work” – a famous sculpture in the center of Bratislava. The popularity of this figure among tourists reached such a level that many other cities around the world have decided to place it in their prototypes. Regarding the sculptures there is a “classic” belief: it is necessary only to rub hard hat worker as soon get rich. As a result, the helmet always rubbed to a shine.

9. Monument Mihai Eminescu (Onesti, Romania).

Monument Mihai Eminescu (Onesti, Romania).

Incredibly lightweight and beautiful sculpture of a memorial dedicated to the Romanian poet Mihai Eminescu. It is made of two metal “trees”, branches of which form a facial features classics of Romanian literature.

10. Kelpies (Falkirk, Scotland).

Kelpies (Falkirk, Scotland).

The massive 30-meter sculpture in the shape of horses’ heads were presented to the public in April 2014. The sculptures were made in honor of the opening of the reconstructed water channels Forth and Clyde Falkirk in the Scottish region. According to the creators, a group of sculptures should symbolize the power of the Scottish industry and the economy. The name comes from the mythological figures “kelpi” – water spirits, which are often in the form of a huge horse superior in strength dozen ordinary horses. The symbolism in this case is questionable, as by the Scottish legends kelpi often hostile to the people and drag them into the water.

Kelpies (Falkirk, Scotland).