Kyaiktiyo Pagoda – Golden Stone, Temple in Burma

It does not look very safe, is not it? It seems that this huge granite boulder is about to roll down and hidden somewhere in the vast expanses of green. Nevertheless, gold-plated education, referred to as the golden stone, poised on a ledge rock has (at least) several millennia. What’s the secret? According to legend, in the 7-meter-high pagoda, located on top of the stone, walled hair of the Buddha…

Kyaiktiyo pagoda or gold stone – a famous place of pilgrimage for Buddhists from around the world, located in Mon State in Myanmar. At the top of the granite stone is a small pagoda height of 7.3 meters. The boulder covered with gold leaf.

According to legend, the stone keeps falling from a strand of Buddha’s hair, which he personally gave the hermit named Taik Tha. It is believed that the person who saw the stone personally experiencing unprecedented inspiration, which may be sufficient to refer to Buddhism.

Kyaiktiyo Pagoda - Golden Stone, Temple in Burma

As believers say the stone was placed on a rock two Burmese spirits 2500 years ago.

Many skeptics who saw the pagoda for the first time, claimed that the stone and rocks under it – one. However, a closer look reveals that the stone completely separate entity other origin. Boulder can be a little shake two or three people.

Gold leaf covered stone Buddhist pilgrims.

In order to get to the Golden Stone, it is necessary to overcome 16 km along the serpentine on a vehicle, and then for about 3 km on foot. Pilgrims, in turn, overcome the 11 km walk, with the last part of the way (a little more than 1 km) barefoot.

Women are forbidden to touch the stone and in the immediate vicinity.

Kyaiktiyo Pagoda - Golden Stone, Temple in Burma

Foreigners are not allowed to stay near the golden stone for the night.

Kyaiktiyo Pagoda - Golden Stone, Temple in Burma