The Top 5 Most Amazing Cats in the World

The Top 5 Most Amazing Cats in the World


The Top 5 Most Amazing Cats in the World

Do you know how old the oldest cat in the world? Have you heard about the cat-kleptomaniac who stole 600 items for a couple of years from the neighbors? On this, as well as many other things you can find in our story about the five most amazing cats. It will be interesting.

1. Freddy The Cat Mayor Of Sharon, Wisconsin

Freddy The Cat Mayor Of Sharon, Wisconsin

Opens our hits cat Freddie – the mayor and the recognized mascot small (900 inhabitants) in the US town of Sharon. In fact, it is, of course, an informal position. City headed by the President, who is a man.

It began with the fact that homeless Freddy wandered in search of something to eat at the local administration building. He saw a woman – the city treasurer, who treated the poor and tasty. After this incident, the cat became a daily basis to come to the administration building to the beginning of the working day. Employees and visitors can not resist the charm of Freddie and regularly brought him not only food, but also toys and money for food. And even once we decided to build him a special bed. Local people have great respect for Freddie, for example, motorists always stop and wait until the “mayor” pass road. Freddie, incidentally, behaves according to his high status. Cat visits daily mail, two restaurants and a tavern, checking things residents of the town.

2. Chief Mouser To The Cabinet Office Of The United Kingdom

Chief Mouser To The Cabinet Office Of The United Kingdom

It is one thing to be the mayor of a small town, but quite another to serve as Chief Mouser to the residence of the British Prime Minister. This is quite a formal position, prestige, political elite among the cats, you know.

Position of the court there is a cat in England since the XVI century. Over time, the tradition of being modified, even disappeared, but still not completely died. Since 1924 Chief Mouser decided to appoint to the residence of the British Government. Since then gave way to a dozen cats and dogs. Now this prestigious position is held by a cat named Larry (pictured), who was appointed in 2011. Animal took in one of the oldest British shelters Battersea Dogs and Cats Home. On what grounds is the selection? The shelter said that a cat Larry always loved to run after a toy mouse, indicating that the developed instinct of a hunter. Besides, he lived on the street before you hit the orphanage and was able to take care of their subsistence. His account of rodents caught Larry opened two months after settling in the seat of government.

3. Lucy – The Oldest Cat In The World

Lucy - The Oldest Cat In The World

Try to remember how old the oldest cat, you know. We can assume that the oldest known cat you just live to 20 years. Anyway, usually what happens, because the average life expectancy of cats is only 15 years old. And now get ready. You might not believe it, but the oldest cat in the world is now 40 years old. And she is still alive. A cat named Lucy and representatives of the Guinness Book of Records has officially recognized it the oldest cat in the world.

People often tend to compare and your cat’s age. There is a common cat years to human translation technology – only need to multiply the cat’s age 6 or 7. We do this with Lucy. So… We’ve got 240 and 280 years, respectively. And in these years, then Lucy has problems only with the ears, and the rest of her health in order.

4. Dusty – The Klepto Kitty

Dusty - The Klepto Kitty

This is a true professional with a great experience and a great many successful night raids. Two years this talented thief remained unexposed and during his active work was able to steal more than 600 items. His name is Dusty, he is 5 years old and he is cat-kleptomaniac.

Residents of San Mateo in California for a long time could not understand where their belongings are lost. At first it seemed that the thief – a man. But they were surprised by the choice of the criminal who stole socks, gloves, towels, shoes, clothing, underwear, toys, lids of pots, sponges for dishwashing, sunglasses, swimwear and other things like that. One of the local residents said: “I always warn you all: in any case, do not leave anything in the yard, and all the valuables in the house of a good hide. Otherwise, the next morning you have certainly lost a pair of shoes, toys or underwear.”

Once the cat-kleptomaniac set a personal record – one night he stole 11 items. Swag Dusty folded cat in the house of their masters. I had to even allocate a separate room for all his trophies. When all the neighbors know who steal their stuff, they did not raise a stink. Now, if they have something missing, they just take their stuff from the owners Dusty. And all those things which in a few years so no one took, will be put up for auction.

5. Graham – Hachiko among cats

Graham - Hachiko among cats

Have you watched the movie “Hachiko”? If not, we advise necessarily to do it. This is the strongest film about the relationship between man and animal in recent years. It is based on the true story of a Japanese dog Hachiko, who for nine years every day at the same time, came to the station to meet the owner of the deceased. In Japan, Hachiko is a symbol of loyalty and devotion.

In the history of the cat Graham from Melbourne more safely. His mistress Nicole Veynrih alive and well. Graham hostess accompanies each morning to the train station, where she goes to work, and then remains on the platform waiting for her till the evening. Surprisingly, Graham rarely elsewhere and moved most of the day sitting in one place, until it comes time to go to another platform where the train arrives hostess. Graham always know in advance exactly what the car in his mistress and where it comes out.

At the station, Graham always at the center of people’s attention. His stroking, caressing, scratching behind the ear. Eyewitnesses say that the cat likes it, but he is, nevertheless, always keeps his distance. Once he made for himself worried when suddenly sat down in one of the cars and drove a few stations. However, Graham highly intelligent cat. On the same day he was able to return safely back on the train, and as always just met his favorite mistress. About six years ago, Nicole Veynrih found him sick in the street. She came out and cured Graham. Now 12-year-old cat destroys the stereotype, which is based on the assertion that the cat is not able to be as true and faithful as a dog.

Graham - Hachiko among cats